Singoalla Grace “Alli” MH WCX

"Alli", our "old-timer", who passed away at 15 years and 4 month. has been a wonderful little dog, a very talented and willing retriever. Plus she was very pretty. She was a victim of our circumstances, (a boarding kennel!), not getting the consistent training needed to be a competitive field trial dog. However, she completed her Master Hunter in five straight starts. Alli was born in Olympia, WA.

Alli 5 weeks old
Alli 8 weeks old

Alli doing her water retrieve 8 weeks old.

Singoalla Grace MH WCX
May 5, 1999 - Sep. 11, 2014

Alli and her Chopper offspring, born July 18, 2007


4.5 weeks old
Hannah 6.5 weeks old

Below, Hannah as an adult:

One of Hannah’s offspring:
Chica “the bolt”
Chica entering the water - 4 months old