Twenty-eight years ago we laid out a breeding plan, the goal of which was, and still is, to produce a sound labrador with a high level of intelligence and trainability, as well as good looks; a labrador that will make a good field trial-, hunt trial-, hunting dog, or just a wonderful friend. Our dogs have also proven to be extremely fit for detection work, like drug, money and bomb detection. The first labrador used by the RCMP in British Columbia for bomb detection was one of ours. One of the first money detection dogs, working for Canada Customs, was one of ours as well.

There are two dogs in particular that we have used as a foundation in our program; Tamarack, a black male, with the recessive color chocolate, and Pella, a black female, who is dominant black. They both were dogs of exceptional quality, highly intelligent, trainable and pleasing dogs. In our breeding of the chocolate labrador we have out crossed the chocolate background of Tamarack with other strong chocolate carrying black bloodlines. Then we have line bred back into our own line. The result has been a very hard going, water loving retriever with beautiful dark, reddish brown coat color, brown eyes of various shades and good pigmentation. Most of our litters in the past have been split color, i.e. black and chocolate and, more rare, black and yellow.

Tribe's Knotty Tamarack
Oct. 25, 1980 - July 12, 1994
Mariachi's Timber WCX
March 30, 1987 - Sept. 12, 1999
Westwind Treasure Pella***
March 21, 1983 - Nov. 29, 1993<.center>
Timber, a son of Tamarack and Pella, played a major part in our breeding.  Our other very important dog was Skookum, who passed away a month short of 17 years old!